For the time being I am focusing on half-day courses rather than these 6-week courses.
I may resume the courses at a later date but I won't be running any 6 week courses for the time being.

The classes are held weekday mornings or afternoons and fit in alongside school terms. During the six weeks, you will learn how to use a piercing saw, files, hammers, mandrills, doming punches, rolling mills and a soldering torch. You will make and size a silver band ring and a silver pendant. At the end of the course you will a have a good basic knowledge of jewellery skills. I encourage everyone to develop their own ideas and creativity. It’s all about doing something fun with like-minded people! The course is for Beginners and anyone who has an interest in jewellery design.

The course aims to:

  • Develop basic knowledge and skills in handling a range of metals, tools and equipment

  • Introduce new ideas and concepts and allow you to experiment with metal

​On the course you will:

  • Identify different metals

  • Use a range of jewellery hand tools

  • Experiment with jewellery skills and techniques

  • Learn to silver solder

  • Size and make a ring

  • Develop ideas and design and make a silver pendant


Once you've completed the six-week Beginners Course you can move on to Intermediate and Advanced classes.

  • £270 per course

  • £50 deposit, balance to be paid at course commencement

The Jewellery Workshop
The Jewellery Workshop
The Jewellery Workshop